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Each shot for your every moment
11 years, 10 months ago

YongNuo LED Video Light YN-160 upgrade to YN-160 II, It is upcoming soon.

Auto luminance adjustment, built-in condenser MIC and luminance remote control -YN-160II Camera Lamp 

#1, YN-160 II high-quality LED beads

  • High-quality large light-emitting area LED beads offer higher brightness with the same energy consumption.
  • The moderate luminance angle will not lead to letterbox screen or fail to meet the luminance required for normal shooting due to large luminance angle.
  • A color temperature of 5600k and a color rendering index of 87.5%, much higher than similar products on the market, perfectly reproduce the color of the objects.

#2, The first LED camera lamp with built-in condenser MIC worldwide.

  • The condenser MIC offers broad frequency response range, high sensitivity, more crystal clear, exquisite and accurate recording.
  • With bi-way amplifier and noise reduction circuit, the built-in condenser stereo MIC offers crystal clear and stereo recording, and perfectly transmit the sound on spot.
  • The 3.5mm--3.5mm shielded flexible wire complete with the product and standard 3.5mm MIC jack make the product handier.

#3, Auto luminance adjustment based on ambient luminance

  • The first LED camera lamp with built-in photometric system worldwide provides auto luminance adjustment, easy to use and more energy-efficient.
  • Automatically adjusting the lamp luminance based on ambient luminance, the built-in photometric system enables you to focus on shooting.
  • The camera lamp will automatically turn off when the ambient luminance is strong enough to save power.

#4, The wireless remote control provides remote controlled luminance adjustment and power on and off.

  • Off camera luminance adjustment and power on and off through the remote control saves the trouble of walking from the camera to the camera lamp and makes it easier to adjust luminance.
  • The multifunctional IR remote control can also control the shutter of Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax SLR with infrared reception.

#5, Professional LED driver IC offers light stability and a light efficiency as high as 93%.

  • Digital luminance adjustment ensures consistent luminance in every grade and prevents unstable and jittering luminance caused by the dust accumulated over time.
  • The built-in constant current output circuit offers better protection for LED luminous chips and extends the service life of the camera lamp.

#6, Adjustable Color Temperature

  • There are 4 CT filters available for different environments.
  • The concealed slot on the side of the lamp is easy to use and more aesthetic. 

#7, Support Handheld Model

  • The special YN LED camera lamp handle is easy to use, beautiful and sturdy.

#8, Multi-mounting Model

  • Fastened to the lamp holder through the standard lamp holder connector and the handle;
  • Fastened to the mini base put on the desktop or other flat surfaces;
  • Fastened to the tripod through the insert hole on the mini base.

#9, AutoSave Setting

  • YN160II can automatically save your current operations settings to facilitate your usage next time.

#10, The metal hot shoe connector is sturdy, reliable and awesome.