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11 years, 8 months ago

Yongnuo New LED Light - YN160 II have released

YN 160 is Hong Kong Yong Nuo Photographic Equipment Co. Ltd. Hot sale LED light.

Now they released the YN 160 updated version - YN 160 II.

On the basis of the original version, The YN 160 II have built-in condenser MIC.

#1, It is the first LED camera lamp with built-in condenser MIC worldwide.

  • The condenser MIC offers broad frequency response range, high sensitivity, more crystal clear, exquisite and accurate recording.
  • With bi-way amplifier and noise reduction circuit, the built-in condenser stereo MIC offers crystal clear and stereo recording, and perfectly transmit the sound on spot.
  • The 3.5mm--3.5mm shielded flexible wire complete with the product and standard 3.5mm MIC jack make the product handier.
#2, The wireless remote control provides remote controlled luminance adjustment and power on and off.
Off camera luminance adjustment and power on and off through the remote control saves the trouble of walking from the camera to the camera lamp and makes it easier to adjust luminance.The multifunctional IR remote control can also control the shutter of Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax SLR with infrared reception.

You can order at below link: Yongnuo YN 160 II