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Meikon Waterproof Housing Case 40M 130ft For Fuji film X-M1

Meikon underwater camera housing for Fujifilm X-M1

Qty.Range Price(per unit)
1 - 3 $256.00
3 - 5 $250.88
5 +    $245.86
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Meikon underwater camera housing for Fujifilm X-M1 is made from Corrosion restistant polycarbonate PC material .waterproof to 40m/130 feet .compare with other housing we designed, the size of this housing is more bigger ,especially for buttons,lens window.

Since Dec,2014, All Meikon camera housings have been updated on buttons,O-rings and springs .controlls could be easily reached and operated under the deep water . 


      Equipped with two fiber-optic cable sockets and 1/4" tripod connectors

 for diving light mounting system  

      a standard ¼” tripod socket underneath for mounting the camera on a tripod

or other type of ¼” mount, and comes complete with neck strap, wrist strap,


      The buttons are in all the right places and it’s easy to handle under the sea

      Springs was tested via testing forch under the imitation of 40 M 

Specification :

      Fit for :Fujifilm X-T1






      Waterproof element:O-ring gasket

      UP to:40m

[Usage ago detection]
   Each time before using the camera waterproof case, check the performance of the waterproof case is good, if there is no sand and dust. In oil-coated waterproof camera case is not equipped with inner filled with tissue paper (there may be better detect leaks), close the waterproof case, at least five minutes to penetrate at least 200 mm deep water, waterproof shell ensure that the situation does not appear water seepage. The camera is equipped with a waterproof shell and then penetrate the water.

[Maintenance] after use
    1, the use of large amounts of fresh water (tap water or drinking water) to clean the external waterproof case thoroughly. Shall not be used above 40 ° C water, as this may damage the waterproof case.
    2. If you used the waterproof case in seawater over, take longer cleaning time. Recommendations into the water soak for several hours.
    3. Make sure that the entire Housings are into water containing Housings safety locking device.
    4, in order to prevent sand or dirt to scratch the device Please immersion rinse, and then use a soft cloth or tissue paper to gently wipe the water, ventilated place to dry.
    5, the residual water may result in equipment corrosion of metal parts, which will affect the button, hinge location and safety locking device.
    6, use a soft clean cloth or blow cones to clean the device.
    7, silicone seals should be cleaned after removing the rear, please use sealing tape installed, can prolong life. Or will the camera sets shell, shell do not lock, so that seals maintain flexibility, moisture absorption put the whole package with a box sealing bags.
[Origin] Hong Kong
      In order to meet the water-loving (underwater) activists, can achieve 40 meters depth waterproof, allowing you to enjoy capturing endless wonderful underwater world.
    This product can freely use your camera Zhao piece of water sports such as swimming, surfing, yachting-he sneaked into the depth of no more than 40M underwater world to shoot. You can also in rain, wind, snow, dusty or muddy environments use to shoot. Regardless of any environment can provide the best protection for your camera, so you experience an unprecedented shooting.
    In order to achieve the best result and provides the most secure protection for your camera, manual assembly and use by Zhao old user your camera waterproof shell.

Package Includes:

  • Waterproof camera case ( one piece)
  • O-ring ( one piece)
  • Neck strip ( one piece)
  • hand strip ( one piece)
  • User manual ( one piece)
Meikon Fuji X-M1
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