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Viltrox MD-E MINOLTA lens adapter to NEX Lens Mount Adapter for Sony NEX-7 NEX6 NEX5N Cameras

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Viltrox MD-E MINOLTA lens adapter to NEX Lens Mount Adapter for Sony  NEX-7 NEX6 NEX5N Cameras


Viltrox f series can allow most of the lens to be used E-mount camera bodies mostly Sony\'s. Thanks to the built-in optical lens (4 elements / 4 groups), it can increase the aperture by one f/stop and extend the focal length. Allowing you to get in the larger area of light and achieve the depth of field that you prefer.


·         In common lens adapters, cropping effect occurs in all APS-C digital cameras with 1.5x magnification. 

·         This adapter reduces focal length to 0.72x , to adjust the image size to near 1:1 so that the focal length of the image is close to actual focal length of the lens, e.g. 50mm x 1.5 x 0.72 = 54mm.

·         It helps to increase the maximum aperture to 1 stop, and you can use it faster by 1 stop.

·         Blue spot will occur if lens is shot to sunlight or lamp directly.


To mount:

1.Put red marks of the adapter and lens collar together.

2.Turn the adapter clockwise till the fixative click.

3.Mosty it will use Manual or Av mode.

Simply attach the ring to your lens and then the lens to the camera. When you have finished remove both together. It\'s as easy as that!

To remove:

Remove both lens / adapter together from the camera, press the lens lock and then remove the adapter from the lens simultaneously.


Work for:

-Minolta MD Lens ,

-Sony E Mount, NEX-3N NEX-6 NEX-5R NEX-F3 NEX-7 NEX-5N NEX-5C NEX-C3 NEX-3 NEX-5 A6000 A5000

Viltrox MD-E
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