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FOCUS FB-10X Flash Bounce Reflector Card Diffuser With 3 Colour Reflector for Canon Nikon Yongnuo Flash Speedlite

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Let your creativity shine through your images with this Focus Flash Diffuser with 3 detachable color light reflectors. This camera flash light bouncer allows you to manipulate your subject`s lighting so you can have pro-like images without the trouble of dealing with messy and bulky studio flash reflectors. It gives your subject a soft lighting effect lessening unwanted shadows or reflections.  
This Focus Flash diffuser is manufactured under meticulous protocols and product testing to ensure safety and functionality. It is compatible to many standard camera flash units with its adjustable Velcro strap. You can choose from three different color reflectors so you can easily change the lighting mood of your subject.  
Create amazing shots with this brand new Focus Flash Diffuser FB-10 Light Bouncer with 3 Coloured Reflectors! 
Camera flash diffuser 
High-quality & durable 
Compact & lightweight 
Adjustable Velcro strap 
Safe & easy to use
Pro-like image shots
Easily change your lighting
Lessens unwanted reflections
With 3 color reflectors
Compatible to standard flash unit
Package Including:
1 x Velcro Strap
1 x White Reflector
1 x Gold Reflector
1 x Silver Reflector
1 x Transparent Cover
1 x Reflector Holder
focus fb-10x
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